I've been busy, busy....lots of lampwork beads to come

Color Gizmos Series, originally uploaded by Moon Stumpp.

I'm still sorting out the studio. What I did was set up the torcher chamber first then have been working on the rest of the studio. Mostly I've been on the torch.

Now I've got to get ready for a trunk show this Saturday. I'm not complaining but I really need to sleep once in a while. :-) So I won't be taking any more customs until I get EVERYTHING unpacked and get back to 8 hour work days. I've come to a point that I know that I'm on the edge of getting burned out. So I'm paring down a bit.

On the bright side, I've got over a dozen bead sets that I will be uploading to Etsy this week.

Now for the question of the month, for all you bead heads...do you want focals? I mean just focals without the accent beads? IF so, let me know. I've been thinking about doing a focal day once a week. More organic beads that could go with stone and metal/wire.

Have a wonderful day!!!!