Lots of Lampwork...Studio Update

I've been really busy on the torch the last couple of days. I've been busy at my bench too. It seems like I'm kinda working two jobs. I've been playing with lots of new color combos. During my glass melting spree...I found that I'm out of a lot of glass. I've been lazy ordering in more/new glass. I finally took the plunge. It's not like I don't love getting in glass...I don't like the time it takes to figure out what I need/want/lust for. Plus getting ready to move the studio (again), I really didn't want more to lug up and down stairs. Oh well....such as the plans of mice and men.

The above beads were a joy to make...I really like how they turned out. The below...well, were a total PITA to make but they made into a hoppin' bracelet. The colors are so much cleaner and crisper in hand than in the pic.

The below is a double experiment...chainmaille and lampwork plus a new series of lampwork that I'm working on. It's called Fractals. I love the beads...the patterns are unique to each bead...they are a challenge to make (which actually translates to they can be a real bitch to make) because I use spreading opaque glass stringers. Too much heat....the beads are one color or muddy. Not enough heat...they are blah, no zing. I will have some of the Fractals on Etsy pretty soon....but I'm keeping most of them. :-)
The below is a BRIGHT color combo from my Color Gizmos series. They are much brighter than the picture...the pink is fushisa....it's a handmix of different pinks.

I love this set...these took forever to make to get the right mix of color and unique designs.

There's another one from the Color Gizmos series. The red here looks kinda dark but it isn't.

Now these are OMG, I Need SUNGLASSES bright. They turned out GREAT. Just what I was going for.

Now for the studio update...my studio will be ready vacant around the end of April!!!! Hey!!!! I'm hoping to get it painted and moved in by the second week of May. Just in time to work my way though summer. :-)
OK...off I go...Got lots to do.
Have a happy, creative day!