Lampwork Necklace

This is part of my Spring 2009 'Everyday Wear' line. Again, I'm still on a sleek, non-fu-fu design of jewelry. The chain was hand forged by me. Speaking of handmade of the Zen type things I do is make chain. Some people drink or indulge in some sort of activity, I make chain. It's kinda peaceful to take wire, cut it, clean it, then build a chain link by link.

I normally use my big girl's torch for bezels and cuffs but for chain making, it's a little butane torch. It's light and has s precision flame that doesn't smell up the place like some of the other fuels. It's not a super hot torch but it does the job.

Ya know, everyone has something they do...I made chain. ;-)

Have a great day...I'm on the torch today, playing with new color combos.