Eye Candy...lots of new lampwork beadsets

I've got sunshine everyone!!!! A miracle has occured and you have know idea how good it is.
Yeah, I must sound a bit over excited over a sunny day but hey, it's been a while.

The above are some of the simpler, sleeker designs from my "Everyday" line. BTW, the above are some that I made fore myself.
Now for the eye candy...

I love how these (above and below) turned out. They are springy patels and the base glass are opals. I can picture these with a bunch of Czech flower beads as fringe for a spring-summer type of bracelet.

More beady keens...

This set is actually made from some lovely glass too. Again, it's the opal.

I liked how the focal turned out for this set. It's a handshaped teardrop....great as a focal pendant or for tassels.

These are just plain fun...I will be making somre of this design later. They always work up into bright, happy day jewelry.

These also turned out well...I used an ocher and a very odd shade of orange wit the blues...the beads will also mixed with with natural stones.

These are BRIGHT...like sunglasses bright. I have to admit, they do look kewler in hand than in the pictures. I love the contrast between the bright pink and orange. It's always a winner.

Here's more....

That's it for the pictures...I'm off to up load on Etsy.
Have a happy, creative day!]