Yeah, More Lampwork Beady Dudes...

I've been pulling out the spree slim more often than the older style. I like the larger size (21mm) but they are thinner (about 8.5mm). Lots more bead canvas but less weight. Much makes a huge difference when designing bracelets.

The above and below have been partially encased to get the purple hue to pop up I also used an old lot that I haven't used before...can't remember the name...but it's reddish tile color. I also really was pleased how the focal turned out in the above set. Again, it's slim or I couldn't added all the raised surface decor. I also made the dots larger than the typical and melted half flushed. The thing is that dots are great, don't get me wrong. They give visual interest and texture to the bead but they aren't always comfortable to wear next to the skin. Little dots and a little pressure next to the next makes me uncomfortable so I bet it does to other as well. So that's why I either flame the dots or press the dots in more. I also have found that I don't like designing with beads that have 'too much'. 'Too much' means too many different colors within a color scheme or too many itty bitty dots. Too much color makes mud and too many little dots can do the same. That's unless I'm working towards that favor like in organics.
I guess it comes down to each designer's pref of what they like to work with. Be it color, shape, or style of beads. That's one of the reasons that I keep coming back to my 'Color Gizmos' series and barrels. It's what I like to design with....I use a lot of metal and seed beads in my designs plus color does it for me. A lot of my beads you don't see on the blog...I'm sure that most of ya would be bored to tears if I posted everything I made...but I was adding up all the bead sets (no focals) that I made in 2008. It was well over 3,000 bead sets...that's a lot of different color schemes. I know that the color schemes are limitless BUT there are a lot of colors that don't really go well together or they react oddly next to each other. Anyway, I haven't ran out of ideas yet but it does get harder and harder to come up with something new and interesting. I'm hoping that

405...average 11.25mm X 14mm

404...ave 11.5mm X 13.75mm

403...12.25mm X 13.75mm

402...ave 11.25mm X 14.25mm

401...ave 12.25mm X 14.25mm
That's all the eye candy for today...
BTW, I just finished up Patricia Briggs' new novel called 'Crossed Bones'. That's what I did instead of making beads yesterday. I got into the front of the fire...and stayed there. I had the greatest intentions of working on beads but well, sometimes I just need a break. I'm doing that more and more. I figure that will end today, I'm off to the torch.
Have a happy, creative day!