New Lampwork designs for Spring

I've been in a jewelry designing frenzy for the past couple of days. So I thought you might want to see what I've been up do.
The below is an old off shoot of my 'stacker' bracelet series. BTW, pardon the picture's just a quickie update.

The below beads are part of a new series that I'm working on...

The above and below bracelets are part of my spring collection of the 'Everyday' line. The whole object was to showcase the color of the lampwork beads without overwhelming them. These are to be sleek and wearable for everyday wear. I mean in the shower, doing dishes, playing with the kids or furballs, and of course, working the 9-5 grind. The sterling is shiny so it's very easy to clean...the design isn't complex or has anything to catch on...I used a trigger clasp so that even during wrestling match with the dog won't pull it off your wrist. This is the design that I wear daily and I'm tough on jewelry.

The below is another design that showcases the beads without much fu-fu. The beads are barrels and the chain has been handforged by me. The only thing that I didn't make is the seemless round beads and the one Bali spacer.

Here's another design, still sleek but has a bit more fu-fu but not much.

Colorful but still not overwhelming. Great for summer...ya know that missing season from Indiana weather. :-) If I remember back, it's a time for t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops.

Ok...that's it for today...I've got jewelry cleaning and pricing scheduled. I've let it pile up...I've got almost 200 pendants to clean, put on cards, and then price. Some goes for about 200 pair of earrings. I don't mind the necklaces or bracelets for some's the carding that I don't like. The cards are necessary because of my displays.
Have a wonderful weekend!