More lampwork...I'm cranky

I know that nobody had heard from me for a bit...I will get to all the emails soon. I'm sick...just a cold but I'm cranky. Geez, I just got up from a five hour nap and I'm still tired. Bob got sick first, bless his little buggy soul, and gave it to me. Normally I rarely do I come down with colds...I did this time and it's a lingering one. So I'm not a fun person to be around.
So I've been playing at the torch. Mostly making beads that I normally make...don't know why but that's how it is. I got kinda stuck on blues...lots of beach themes...lots of spring colors.

I'd explain all the kewl special effects but I'm tired. :-) I'm now working on PINK...yeah, it's another color that I shy away from but I'm getting a bit bored at the torch again. Color is the main reason why I still do lampworking...I know you have heard that one before.
I will be up loading lots of new bead sets on Etsy this evening. I've got about three dozen on my desk but I doubt I will get all of them up loaded.
Stay warm and well!