Lampwork Bead Photos...What I'm working update

I'm feeling better...I still haven't caught up on paperwork nor all my emails. That's what I'm going to work on today. While I've been sick and grumpy...I've been working on pendants for my show season. The below is a small sample. When I mean small, I think I already have over 200 pendants ready to go. Which really isn't a lot considering that I'd really like to go back into wholesaling.

Here's a close up example...from my Beachy Keen series. BTW, the pendant looks much better in person than in the photo. I'm still having trouble when with any piece of jewelry in blues and/or with lots of shinny silver. I think I'm going to have to change backgrounds. They look so much better on the grey or blue shade backgrounds BUT I like the white background look. So I've got more work to do on my photography. It's a never ending learning experience.
So I thought I'd try a different background...a bunch of green turquoise I just got in.

Different lighting but same background...

I've also been playing around with different types of bracelet designs. Normally my bracelets are a bit more complex...fluffy...or what ever you want to call it. The thing is that no everyone wants to wear a jewelry shop on their wrist AND I think that art jewelry should/could be worn as everyday wear. The below are designs that are simple, wearable, and showcase the lampwork beads. There's a lot of visual action happening just with the beads so I kept the design KISS.

Every once in a while, somebody will ask me...what does your jewelry look like. The below is MINE. I just made it for's chainmaille chain and lampwork. It works for me. I keep the sterling bails simple...actually this one is a fine silver bail. Anyway...I find a certain chain that I love and keep it for myself. Then I add pendants to find my wardrobe. Yeah, I have earrings too but they don't always match. I'm kinda strange like that. Anyway you have no idea just how much treasure I keep in my hidey hole. :-)

You know me and color...right now the color of choice is PINK. I've been playing with all shades of pink to girly patel to SCREAM PANK, IN YOUR FACE pink. The below is a fruity-juicey color, like watermelon slices. Yeah, the beads a bit boring but I've got plans for them. You will see some pink on Etsy but not much. I don't make a lot of pinky beads so I will be using most of them in my jewelry designs.

The reason why I'm keeping the above for my horde is below. I have a special thing for Birkenstocks. All I wear is either Birkies or ASICS...I'm beginning to eye KEDS though. They are still comfortable but are lighter on the feet. I'm hunting for the below color of Boston's to complete the summer feel to my wardrobe. :-) I'm going to look like a giant fruit salad on crack if I don't watch out.

That's it for the eye candy and tester photos. Now for the update on my new studio...the church's daycare still hasn't gotten its licence for the new building. There are artists moving in currently in other parts of the building but the space that I want still has little people running around in it and will for another 2 months or so. Hopefully, I will be moved in by May. So I'm still working from home.
Other news...I'm still waiting to hear from the Broadripple Art Fair if we cut the mustard. Bob and I juried in with a gallery so it's different than a typical jury. Yes it still involves quality of work but also work that is different than the other galleries. It's a double jury in a way. Just because the quality is or isn't there doesn't mean we will show. It's the package of the entire gallery and it's presentation as a whole. If that makes sense.
More news...yes we went to court on Feb 10th but didn't get a ruling. The case was long and winding...very complex because of the amount of little things and the time line of the carpet issue. So the judge took it under advisement and we should hear something (via mail) by the first couple of weeks of March.
It seems a lot of things are in a holding pattern in my life. Yep, that's it but it's OK. John Lennon said it best, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
Have a wonderful I'm off to pack up packages to get them to the PO.