Silvered Glass Lampwork Sets...Yeah, It's Still Cold Here!

Yeah, I'm still freezing my backside off so I haven't been at the torch as much as I would like. I do have a handfull of sets to add to my Etsy shop. I'm on the torch today so it will be later this evening or tomorrow before I get them loaded.

The above is a rather kewl set...the pictures are OK...the silvered glass has a sheen all it's own.
The above set is Triton. The below is a mix of several different types of silvered glasses on dark ivory. Again...all three sets look much better in hand.

Well I've been all over my local area, Hendricks county, looking for studio space. I really couldn't decide on a retail space so that I could have my studio there plus do a gallery...or just a studio space. It didn't make any difference....I couldn't find any spaces in the local area. The idea of having my studio in a strip mall depressed I really didn't want to pay big bucks for the duck work for my ventilation system. So I extended my area.
What I did find is a new artist hub coming up in Martinsville, Indiana of all places. It's called Art Sanctuary. Martinsville has changed a LOT since I last visited it. It has several art galleries...a java spot and even a tea shop. I was hoping for something closer but I do like the concept of having my studio in an old church. It's kinda kewl. What I do like about it more is the networking with other artists. It's a bit farther than I wanted to's 45 min but it's worth the drive to have the room. It has two walls of winders, great lighting, and SPACE. I went with a little less than 600 sq feet. That will do me. There even a room divider so that I can have a clean space and a dirty space. They will be working on my studio pretty hopefully, once the weather breaks, I will start the moving in process.
I also think that this will be a good move for me. When I work, I work. When I'm off, I'm off. The other thing is that I really miss being around other artists, so a hub is good for me. There will be 20 or so studios in the building plus the option of another building opening up spaces as well. The other thing is...I really had to think about the gallery concept. I really don't like being 'pestered' when I work. That 'pestered' concept made me re-think about opening up another gallery. I really don't have the personality to do so....more so, there's so many different things I want to work on, I also don't have the interest any longer. Maybe in a couple more years I'll change my mind but not right now.
Ok...back to the torch for me...Stay warm!