Silvered Glass Lampwork Focals

Somebody wrote and asked me to pop up a couple focals...the ones I've been working on with the silvered glasses. they are....

The above is a close up of the first's lovely glass to work with and make the most beautiful beads. BUT it is a PITA to photograph. You don't see the metallic and luster sheens. I have to admit, I prefer silvered glass not encased. Well, at least not encased by yours truly. I think that's one of the reasons why you don't see these beads. Plus I normally keep them for myself. :-)

Now we come to some of my favorites. Both on handmixed base colors.

Sooner or later, I will give up stashing them for myself. :-) There comes a time, just how many focals do I need? That time may come soon if I keep on making them at the pace I currently am.

Ok...I've got some errands to do...if I decide to brave out the snow. I am sooooo done with winter. Time to move on to spring.
Have a happy, creative day!