New Lampwork Focals...Photo Experiments

I took a break from the silvered glasses to play with brights. Yeah, I do that a lot when it snow or we have grey skies around here. Anyway, I also decided to play with photography a bit. One of the main reasons you don't see a lot of my focals on Etsy is because I can't figure out how to do the photography well. It's a time thang. Now that I've gotten into the creation of focals, I rather enjoy making them.

I've also found that I like creating my own murrini as well. Yeah, it takes time but I then get to chose the type and color of glass I want. I also get the enjoyment of making something different. The below is my favorite bead...but I really didn't get as good as picture as I would of liked. It looks much better in hand than on the screen. Actually, most beads and jewelry do. It's a large bead...47mm hole to hole. That's almost 2 inches.
The below focal is one of my favorites in regards to a decent photo. It's big bead....measures 51mm hole to hole, 18mm wide in the middle, and 8mm thick. I didn't want the weight to be so heavy so I kept the thickness slight. The weight is close to an XL nugget but with much more canvas.

The below bead is rather kewl.

One of the reasons why I like these beads is that with a mix of seed beads and pressed glass, one can have a lovely pieces of fun art jewelry. I still enjoy beadweaving so I need to get crackin' on some ropes and multi-stranded necklaces. Something I do when it's too cold to make beads. :-)
Ok...I'm off, got lots to do today.
Have a happy, creative day!