Lampwork Experiments

I've been kinda busy on the experiments. Mostly with silvered glass and reactive bases. I know that there's a masterpiece waiting to be made but I'm not sure it's going to be me. What I'm working on is the beginnings of a new series. It will take a while until I GET it but I will. As I said before, I don't always put my experiments on display for the world. This time I did...these turned out OK, most don't.

There is a lot of experimentation with lampwork or with any artistic medium. There has to be. For me, I need to know what my raw materials will do...what the limitations are...what color works...where to put the glass in the long to garage the beads and at what temperate. Some of the silvered glasses will have a color burnout if garaged too long at 960 so those are garaged at 940 degrees. Some will lose their luster or not gain luster/sheen or color if not garaged long enough. I tell ya what, with the glass prices at $80-120.oo a pound (with Terra going at $10 a rod) I really try to figure it out quickly. Sometimes I do...sometimes I don't but that's the way it goes.

BTW, the sheen on these beady dudes is the pictures aren't as good as they should be.

The above is a mix of Terra (yes, I still have some in my stash), Gaia, Nyx, and Psyche. The base is Lauscha Buckhorn.

The below is the same twistie mix on a base of CIM Celadon. It's an odd base for silvered glass...or so I thought. I like the results. The silver within the glass changed the color of the base. It's a deeper, richer hue.
Now here's the issue with silvered glasses...earring pairs. I rarely have issues with pairs....I do will silvered glass. These pairs aren't really matched...go enough for a bracelet or a necklace but not earrings. This is also the issue when making sets. Silvered glasses and fuming is much the same when it comes to sets. It really hard to bet a set that has the same color scheme and each bead being unique, plus look good with each other. That's the reason why I normally keep most of my fumed sets. :-) The issue is the same for silvered glass sets unless I only use one silvered glass like Gaia. Double Helix Gaia has a very short reduction strike...a couple of passes in the reduction flame and poof, it's ready. The issues take place with I use more than one and then use clear accents to pop up the colors. The clear will enhance the color but it will also tone down the silvery sheen that I like so much.

The below is also a CIM's one of the older uniques of Celadon. The Terra reacts nicely with it.

I've got to run to the airport...get some errands done...then I might get some torch time this evening. I'm hoping to get most of my experimentation done in the next couple of that I can get back to work making sets. I don't know...there part of me that would really rather must make focals. What do you think? Which would you rather use in jewelry designs...focals or sets in silvered glass? Or do you not like the results of the silvered glass? If you get a chance, drop me an email.
OK...I'm off...gotta get busy.
Have a happy, creative day!