Here's a couple lampwork sets

I took a bit of time away from silvered glass to play with some enamels. Again, I had a bit of trouble with the pictures. Enamels are almost as hard to photograph as silvered glass. In hand, they are eye photos, they look fuzzy to me.

Anyway, I like the colors...the enamels created a bluish-teal that I can't get in rod form. Enamels are a treat to play with.

Today, I've got a shipment of silvered glass coming in. So it's torch time today. I know ya'all aren't seen a lot of the silvered glass...well, that's because I can't get a good pics of them and I'm keeping most of the beads. I'm just like that sometimes. :-) No really, I've got a trunk show in show season is just around the corner. Plus I'm not taking anymore customs for a while either...mostly because I've got too many irons in the fire right now. Hopefully, it will calm down after May.
OK...time to get my day rolling!
Have a happy, creative day!