Gizmos...more lampwork

I had the greatest intentions of spending time on the torch yesterday...alas, I had things to get done. Today, I am. I have a goal of figuring out how to make kewl bead sets with silvered glass. I have this idea...yeah, I know, men and mice...but I know what I want the beads to look like but I'm not sure how to do it yet. I'll figure it just might take me a while.

Here's the last of the Gizmos...for a while. It's a series that started out as a mini series and has grown. I love making this's like glass crack. I can't seem to stop.

The above...the base glass is the kewlest of kewl. It's an odd shade of bluish mint. It's more of an opal...and it melts like warm butter, a joy to work with in the flame. It's almost the color of green hemimorphite

The below...the base is an odd lot apricot coral. It's melts ok but looks GREAT with violet. I can picture these with some lapis.

The below is a fav of mine. I guess it's reminds me of my comfort outfit...faded jeans and a chocolate turtleneck.
Here's a necklace that I finally got done...and photographed. (Yeah, I'm finally getting back to making jewelry. I have a huge stash of lampwork that I've got to get cracking on...mostly earrings. One can NEVER have too many earrings during show season.)

As I said's silver glass day on the torch...but I might take some time to play with a couple color combos. I've got a nice big pile of blue and green kyanite, Russian charoite, kambaba jasper, ocean jasper, citrine, and carnelian sitting on my bench right now. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that quartz druzy strand. So it's time that I made some beady dudes to match. I finally found some soft glass to match citrine, natural not heat treated. It's due in this week.'t time to get my packages packed and to the PO...then it's TORCH TIME!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!