I've been a bit busy...new lampwork pics

Oh my...it's been a while...but I did include some eye candy. I've just busy as a cat in heat. It seems that I still don't have enough time in a day.

I love the organic design of the above rocks/nuggets. I etched them so they have a smooth feel to them.
More barrels!

I was very focused on the trunk show the past couple of weeks. It was a great opportunity to test market some new jewelry lines and see old friends. What a combo!!!!
It was also a eye opener in several ways. One, finding all the displays. I mean that it's been moved from Austin, then moved again when we had the carpet laid. So everything had to be pulled out, repacked, and then packed again for a small set up. So now I have a trunk show/home show set up that I can pack up in a moment's notice.
I’ve found that I might want to think about changing my design style, if I want to sell locally. My style is bright and bold, which also takes a self-confident woman to wear. Most of my designs scream, ‘look at me’. So I think it’s time that I toned it down a bit. I’m focusing on collections. For example, one is a mix of Bob’s chain maille, my beaded beads, my lampwork, Marti’s excellent PMC charms, and a few other surprises. Then there will be bright lampwork with my wirework. Anyway, I’ve got beads to make…I’ve been concentrating on jewelry for the past couple of weeks that I miss my torch badly.

I’ll have more lampwork bead set pics in the next couple of days…so for now, adios!

Have a happy, creative day!