I'm Back!!!! Update on the House and New Lampwork Beads!

For those that just want the down and dirty eye candy...
I'm back

Here's the skinny. The house is just about done. The new carpet has been installed, the pod has been unloaded, all the furniture is back in it's place, AND my design studio is finally (whew) unpacked plus organized.
I can now make jewelry again without being so frustrated that I just give up. I can find my tools (amazing) and even all my wire. Not to mention all the sparklies plus a box of UFOs. If you don't know me very well, or have not been to my studio before...this is a good time to mention the amount of stuff I have in my studio. I have given up most of my pack rat ways but when it comes to beads...nope. I've got a selection of seed, metal, stone, glass, and lampwork beads that would make most bead store owners drool. I'm don't mean to sound immodest but when you've been collecting/pack ratting for over two (almost three) decades, the beady selection becomes very large...also very heavy. I'm getting a bit sick of toting all this stuff across country and back...then from one room to another...BUT I'm done for a while.
I still have to unpack some of the bench...mostly my solder and finishing equipment...but that's it. It's been a while since I've had a home studio...I had forgotten just how much of a PITA it can be. BUT there are some good points to it as well. I'm keeping the studios at home over the winter as a test. It it works, then we will add on to the house or build a glass shack or something. If it doesn't...I'll find a retail space that can double as a studio and gallery. There are issues with both...I just have to find the lesser of the evils.
That's it for me...time to get a few things done...
Have a happy, creative day!