Hello Everyone!

I want to thank everyone that sent me e-cards, emails, and a few phone calls....all inquiring if I was alive or needed anything. Those that inquired about beads...they will be coming. I've really only been back on the torch full time for a couple of days. This stomach flu hit me hard. It's been several years since I've been sick. I'm just not used to it. Bob is also back in action and back to work.

I've only have a dozen or so beady strands to take pictures of so....that will get done in the next couple of days. Many of the sets, I'm now keeping.

Remember when I said I was giving up making jewelry? Well it seems I lied...I can't stand it...I miss it. I won't be going back to my full-court press frenzy of jewelry designing but I will do some. Like I'm gearing up for a trunk show at a new gallery in Irvington called Blooming Dragon Emporium.

Ok...I hear the torch calling me so I'm off!

Have a have happy, creative day and a wonderful weekend!