The Gift that keeps on pics of the livingroom.

Hello everyone!

Last Thursday, my hubby flies in from Kansas City late evening and not feeling his best. He's got the stomach flu...and if anybody does a lot of traveling knows that stomach flu is the bain of all fliers. Anyway, he's home...sick...typical male feeling bad. By Sunday, I'm not feeling so Monday, I'm really sick. Still two days later, he's doing well and I'm still a bit queasy. I didn't get all the nasties that Bob had to deal with. I'm now just very queasy and very bored.

I have no new pictures of beady dudes to show ya...sorry. That will be coming soon. I also will be back on the torch by tomorrow...hopefully.

I did take few pictures of the living room that you have endured me blogging about. The below is a highlight of another Etsy Artist...MaryLou of Time2cre8. I fell in love with her prints. The cats are some of my favorites but my hubby liked the turtles and owls. If you look close in some of the other pics (translates to click the pic to enlarge) you will see several pieces of her work in the living room. I plan add a bit of MaryLou splash to my design studio as well.

The prints just liven up the place.

The living room still isn't totally done but you get the idea. I still have art to buy for the room. BTW, these pics make the room look really, really small. It isn't...the couch is over 9 feet and most of the pieces are large. Plus the walls are a pale golden yellow...I wonder way I did this time? Oh well...I guess it's just the photographer again. :-) Anyway, that's Nox in his window.

So there ya have's got the bare essentials but it's coming along.
Now, it's time for my nap. I seem to be dreaming in beads.
Have a happy, creative day!