Color Gizmos...again...yep, more lampwork beads

Yep, I've still been playing with color. The CiM glass creates some of the most lovely hues in glass. Now they aren't like your typical crayon box colors but what they do have to play with, is GREAT!!!!! The other 104COE colors make up for what CiM lacks.

Below (254) Plums, berry, and pink nuggets...yeah, even with a hint of indigo.

Below (252) I like these type (design) sets...enough for earrings, bracelet, and a focal pendant.

Below (253) Focal and accent beads...just right for a necklace and a pair of earrings.

Below (257) More nuggets...enough for two bracelets.

Below (241) These nuggets scream 'COLOR', I think that's why I like them so much.

Below (243) I can picture these beads along with some matching Czech glass flowers...add a few unique design touches...poof, mod pod garden bracelet.

Below (242) Can you tell that I really loved using these colors. Sometimes, there are certain color combos that just do it for me. This was one of them.

Below (236) The blue base is an odd shade (for 104 COE glass that is) that I fell in love with. It's not a typical color and it's not a typical pastel. It's more of an opal. Plus depending on the placement in the flame, it will do different things. It behaves much like the old French moonstone glass or German milky way (in some ways). The only problem with it is that it pits easy so I have to keep the bead in the cooler part of the flame. Plus keep the O2 up higher than normal.

Well that's the eye candy...
Today, I've got to get caught up on everything. I've got a kiln full of beads (lots and lots of raku beady babies). I can't wait to pull them. I'm playing with 96 COE glass this week. I finally got some of my backorders in. (don't get me started)
Anyway, after that, I will be watching the election. 7-8pm will give an idea of which way the election is going to turn. What I mean is that will give a clue because the results from Georgia, Indiana, Virgina, Ohio, NC, and SC will be in. That's a good indication of what be happening. Mmmm....I wonder if Indiana will change from Red to Blue? Right now, it's a bit purple. :-) We'll see...I never thought I'd even see Indiana purple. ya think that this state would ever turn Green?
No matter who wins...I'd like to see change. :-)
Happy Election Day!