Back to Color Gizmos...more lampwork beads

I'm back on the torch...feeling totally better...and got sucked into the Color Gizmos series. I really thought this would be a mini series. It's not...I started jewelry designing with a couple strands and I loved working with them. I'd show some pictures but the pieces have already left to their new homes. I also figure, I that need to make more jewelry to get back to my ol'creative muse juiced pieces. So I'm still not taking any jewelry customs. If you need something right now, contact me and I can set you up with a couple of designers that I would buy jewelry from.

The below will be up on Etsy within the hour....

These both turned out well...I like the surface designs...not to much but not boring either.
Below...if anyone has any undyed blue coral hanging around...they match perfectly. I made a set for me that I added blue coral, lapis, and red jasper that turned out NICE.

Now for the fun news...I'm in the process of re-working my metalsmithing arena of my studio. When we moved, I really thought that everything would doesn't. So I'm doing a bit of a redo. Glass has taken up most of the physical space so I'm starting there. Then moving on to open up an area for all my equipment. I still don't think I'm going to be able to go whole hog in metals but...I do have a plan. It comes down to doing what I love most. I love metals...where I love color I'm just going to have to figure all this out.
I don't plan on taking my studio out of the house until Spring 2010. That gives me more time to decide on my mediums and a new style of jewelry designs.
Recently I've found that my jewelry designing style has changed. It's more metal...less Dr. Seuss. Don't get me wrong, I still like brights but I really don't' wear them. I wear more urban with dashes of steampunk and Casa Moon. I'm hard on jewelry so it has to be Timex to survive a week with me. So add all this'll be seeing some fun stuff from me soon.
OK...I'm lots to do today!
Have a happy, creative day!