Working Vacation...more lampwork bead sets

I’ve been looking at my calendar. The current schedule of work that will be going on in the house isn’t going to be pleasant. What’s next is carpet installation…that entails packing up and moving the entire downstairs except for the kitchen. Everything will be moved into a freestanding pod. The moving starts this Friday…the carpet will be pulled and the sub floors have to be sealed. Then the new carpet will be installed on the next Friday. All of this moving, packing, and noise going on isn't going to be compatible with business. So I’m taking a vacation. I won’t be accepting any more customs until mid-November and my Etsy shop will be closed from 10-17 to 10-25.

Ya know, I will be glad with this is ALL over but I’m dreading packing and moving my design studio. It has been only less than 6 months ago that we moved cross-country. Now, with my memory fresh, I know what I'm in for.

The above set turned out's a color scheme that I've been playing with.

The below was a joy to make...the colors just blended together like hot wax. I was actually impressed when I opened this kiln to find these two sets. I had a couple of request for larger sets than you normally see on Etsy so here's one.

Now on a personal not...I decided on a leopard print for the living room carpet. I figure if I had to live in a cookie cutter house (I'm not much on housing developments and much prefer historical homes), I needed something a bit more interesting to look at everyday. I was very, very tempted to do each room in a different animal print...but common sense prevailed. There is too much of a good thing.
The living room furniture is brilliant blue with lots of glass and chrome. There's floor to ceiling book shelves on one wall with a flat panel TV on the other wall. So I just couldn't figure out how to make it more interesting of a room...then I thought animal prints. Yeah...that's the ticket. :-)
I thought about doing the dinning room in tiger print or zebra but I'm using that room as my design studio right now. The family room has a big fire place in it so I also needed to add a fireproof hearth rug so I decided to do that room in that I can put a large run on top of it. I like the layed, textured look sometimes.
OK...I'm off to run some errands and to the airport.
Have a happy, creative day!