I've always had issues with my photography...even more when the beads have a large amount of blues or metallic sheen to them. The below set is's the base glass. It's not an opaque and it's not transparent...more like an opal. Again, these colors come from CiM and again, I'm impressed with the glass.

What I do like about this photo is that the beads are just about true to actual size. Well on my monitor they are.
I've pulled a neck muscle so I've been moving rather slowly today. I worked at the torch, very slowly, for most of the day. I got two sets in the kiln currently. I'm betting that you will be seeing either of them. The only productive thing I really got done today is test some color combos and test a new mold. There's a learning curve with any new piece of equipment or tool...even new glass. The normal rule of thumb is that opaques normally melt faster and spread easier. The opals that I've been getting in have to be torched to figure out how they will behave. Time and practice are the best teacher.
I did get my paws on some new PINKS...the shades range from almost a fuchsia to almost a rose quartz hue. I'll start playing with these in the next couple of days. Right now, I've still got the violets and purples on my bench. I'm having a tough time changing color schemes.
Ok...I'm off to baby my neck.
Have a happy, creative day!