New Lampwork...Lots of COLOR

I've been hard at work...both at the torch and getting the photography done. It seems like I never have enough time. I keep harping on this BUT...I need 36 hour days. Does anyone else feel that away?

The above and below, are from the same torch session. (that means that they match) The color of blue is's really not's really not's really not a typical teal but since I have not other word for it...teal it will be. Which is an opal. That's the base for above. I also used a teal transparent...which comes from a very old batch of Italian teal so it's more of what they call seafoam now. I also used a pastel (opaque) avocado and a transparent indigo...along with a dark plum, violet, and purple.

The above and below is a flow of Curmudgeons is called “Albuquerque". They have an Old Town feel to them. It's a wonderful place to visit for both shopping and culture.

The below bead set has a base of iced pale's a new color from Germany. LOVE IT! The glass is smooth as glass (get it, yeah, I know...bad humor) and it flows like warm butter. Again, more purples and violets. Purple is one of the 2009's colors...but that's not why I've been using so much purple lately.
I just got in a bunch of new purples and violets in. I just can't seem to get them off my torcher chamber's bench. I keep on reaching for them. I've just put them away...I'm moving off into another color direction.
Color is one of the main reasons why I got into lampworking...oh so many moons ago. It's the main reason why I stay with lampworking as well. Don't get me wrong, I like glass as a medium but it's still the color that keeps me chained to my torch.
There are certain traits that make color universal and timeless...such as green trees or the luck of the Irish but it can also have a down side as well like (green) seasickness or greed. I guess it goes back to if your "glass is half full or half empty".
Ok...I'm off...I've got errands to do...packages to pack...and to check to be certain that I am registered to vote in Hendricks country.
Have a happy, creative day!