Lots of new ideas...lots of new lampwork beads...lots of tree limbs.

I finally got the below beads cleaned and photographed. I got on a spree jag...a spree is a straight sided lentil. These are thinner than most...I got the new slim version. These measure 18mm in diameter but are 7mm thick. Plus the raised surface decor. They are much lighter so the 18mm sized could be used as earrings. I'm rather impressed with the shape.

The above...in real life, eye ball to bead, the orange is more gold. I haven't figured out what happened in the photo session. Mmmmm....the more I play with it...the odder it looks. I think I'm leaving well enough alone. Every once in a while, more with blues, I get a set that I just can't get true to color. The outside pics are fine though. I'm glad that I do inside and outside pics. I think it gives you more of an idea of what the color scheme really is. It's still hard because each person's monitors are different and sometimes they aren't balanced.
The above are lovely hues...I did some color layering to keep the beads from looking like they were color blocked. I like them...they have a new color called Lapis. I'd call it Indigo but who asked me.
The above are still my favs....beats me why...they just are. The bright blue is more of an electric or neon blue...I pulled these beady babies from the kiln and felt blessed by the kiln fairy.

Right now I'm working on nuggets. I was working on brights, then an idea hit me. I'll have a very, very limited 6-8 set series coming up. They are a total PITA to make...it's clear encased stringers and twisties because I used a lot of fine silver on each beads. Fine silver is wonderful to work with but it will change the true color of the glass. So if you want a certain color, say like pink...add silver and it sometimes changes to a patina green hue, if you are lucky. Silver with certain blues or black is different...the silver behaves and sits on top of the glass. But I wanted to use some pink, violets, and an odd shade of pastel turquoise. I also used some yellow...a do not do with silver, well on this shade of yellow. It turns to mud.

I'll have pictures soon...I've got another couple of sets to make...then it's back to brights.

Right now, I've got to get moving and start my day. The tree trimmers are do anytime. Geez, I'll be glad when all of this is done.

Have a happy, creative day!