Busy...busy...busy...My Wyrd

It never seems I have enough time. I just don't get it. I'm organized...I'm proactive...I've pared down doing mainly lampwork. I work at my medium so that my speed doesn't interfere with the quality. So why can't I get everything done?

I'm not complaining...I'm lucky because I actually have more call for my beads that I have time to make beads now. I find that amazing because I don't teach, I shy away from being published, I really don't chat much on the glass/jewelry/art forums, and I'm not a big name in the biz. I still don't consider myself a lampworker...more of a silversmith and jewelry designer that happens to make lampwork beads as well. Which is rapidly changing because most of my time is spent in the torcher chamber.

I'm honest with myself to know that I will never be a GREAT lampworker. I make beads, not for the sake of beads but for jewelry designers. There's a difference. Great beads can stand alone but that's not my goal. My goal is to create beads so that the next person can create a piece of wearable art. Does that make sense?

This whole dialogue comes from a recent conversation. A person asked me why I feel this way. The bottom line is that I will never make glass sing, just as as I never made clay sing. I can make metal sing. Metal is my medium but it's the color tangent that keeps me going back to glass. There have been several times in the past five years that I almost walked away from lampworking. Every time, it's my wyrd to migrate back to glass.

I've finally come to the conclusion that I need a change. I haven't decided what that change is yet...but one is coming. Maybe it's just an attitude adjustment...maybe my new business venture will fill the need for my creative juices...maybe I just need to move to studio to different location. The last time I felt like this, I walked away from potter and moved back into jewelry. I don't think I can give up glass...it's too ingrained in me now. I more likely think it will be going back to doing more metal. Maybe mixing glass and metals...like electroforming or PMC.

I think that some of my 'change' need will ease up after I get the house smoothed out. I still can't find all my tools...that just drives me nuts. Enough...rant over...here's the eye candy....
The above makes me miss Texas. I really seem to like this design because I keep repeating it in different colors.

The above is lovely...it's a off shoot design from the mini Aurora Borealis series. I'll be adding the beady dudes to my Etsy shop today.

The below is from my Dish series. I had a huge custom order of Dish beads and made one extra strand for the Etsy shop. I really need to expand on the Dish concept. I've seen some jewelry that has been made from this series. I was very impressed on both how the beads worked up into jewelry designs and the designs themselves.

I've got a couple more projects that I'm in the middle of...then, it's Dish exploration.

Have you ever had an idea...that's not fully formed but you know you need to explore. It just nags at you until you just sit everything a side and run with it. Well, that's what the Dish series has been doing for the past couple of months.

Ok...I've got to get some work one...

Have a happy, creative day!