Brights...Lampwork in Blues

I'm back again...

The tree trimmers didn't show up yesterday. There was some sort of scheduling mistake. Oh well, they will be here anytime. So I'm up and have my day started a bit earlier than normal. I don't have a normal schedule....there are time that I get on a roll and work until 3am. There are times that I get up early and clean beads. Rarely do I start on the torch at 6am though. I find that my creative juices do not seem to flow until after several cups of java and the sunrises.

The below pics (lampwork, of course) are the brights that I was chatting about recently. There's more on the horizon but I got turned in a different direction for the last couple of days. (Look at the bottom pic) but will return to brights soon.

Below...set 1

6 Lg Nuggets...18mm by 8.5mm

1 XL Nugget Focal...21mm by 10mm

Pair...7.75mm by 12.25


Base color is an opaque Aqua...lovely color.

Below...set 2

6 Lg Nuggets...18mm by 8.5mm

1 Focal...31mm by 11mm

Pair...6.75mm by 11mm


Below...set 3

6 Lg Nuggets...18mm by 8.5


Base is a royal blue.

Below...set 4

6 Lg Nuggets...18mm by 8.5mm


All of the above have a watery feel to them. I think they would make up into lovely bracelets with little ocean charms. Maybe even a shell or two.

Here's what has grabbed my attention....

These are what I was chatting about yesterday....all the colors, except the black background are encased in clear. Which keep the colors true to color and gives the beads depth. Some have fine silver burnished in, like these, and some don't. I really like thee beads...the problem is that they are hard to photograph. Oh well, such is the life of a beadmaker. :-)
That's the end of my show and tell for this am...I'm off to see if the tree trimmers are here yet.
Oh...yeah, I'll be up loading a few sets on Etsy this am too.
Have a happy, creative day!