Backyard Vistors and NEW Lampwork Beads

El' Groundhog and his flying feathered friend, Mr. Hawk seem to have taken up residence in our back yard. (pardon for the lousy pictures, they don't seem to want to pose for me yet) They aren't as friendly as Emmy. Actually most of the Indiana wildlife isn't that friendly to humans. Maybe if they get used to me, I'm the patient sort. The squirrels here are kinda sense of style like the Texan squirrels though. The squirrels here just make noise and won't even check out the treats I leave them. Oh well, time will tell.

I finished up a couple strands of new lampwork...

I really like the colors in the both of these. The above is already sold and the below is up on Etsy.

Now for the house update...the tree trimmers are are the chimney people (ya! it's almost fire in the hearth time) the roofers will be here within the next six weeks. We have already lined someone to pull the downstairs carpet and seal the subfloor, the pod is already been scheduled, and have furniture mover help in a couple of weeks. Now to find carpet. I took off yesterday, I still can't fine the bright gold carpet I want. So it's back to plan two, a mix of animals prints and berber. I've got to take off today to line that up. Yay, just about everything in the house will be done before SNOW.
Ok...I guess I better get my day started...
Have a happy, creative day!