New Lampwork...What's been happening...I hate SPAM

It's been really busy around here. We were in the process of trying to get someone to trim trees and to take down a couple. Then the aftermath of Ike hit...well we now have a back yard full of limbs. Plus the tree people are busy so that's on the back burner. Bob and I have gotten the yard so that he can mow. So at least that's taken care.

We've also had some work done on the house. Some siding needed fixin' and it's on the second Bob called someone out to take care of it. While they were here, they also hung a couple new various other things that either we didn't have the tools to do the job or couldn't figure how to do it. They will be back later to do some painting.

Plus we need a new roof...yippy, that's all I really needed to hear. So we have been quotes...and have the company lined up to get that taken care of. Mmmmm....the joys of buying a house. Don't get me started.

Then there's the little issue of the previous owners letting their dogs run though the house...the time between we saw the house and the time that we took possession of the house...another don't get me started. Anyway, not only do we need new carpet downstairs, we also have to have the sub floors sealed. The stains are coming up from the sub floor and the entire down stairs looks very unhealthily. (that's the nicest way that I can put it) So sometime this week, I'm off to pick out new carpet.

At least when the new carpet is put in, I'll go out and pick family room furniture. I have lovely room off the kitchen, by the sunroom, that has a wonderful fireplace...that is totally empty. Why you ask...well, I really didn't want to move another room of furniture because of the carpet issue.

There's more...

One of the conditions of us buying the house was that the previous owners had to take care of a few things....well, they didn't. So I'm in the middle of firming up a legal case against them. So it's off to court we go. We are all lawyered up and waiting on one piece of documentation... then it's just got to be filed. Am I pissed that this is happening, yep. Do I think that I'm asking too much...nope. Do I think I am being reasonable about all of this...yip. I've worked very hard to get this taken care of before it goes to formal litigation. Even my attorney thinks this whole situation is a bit bizarre.

This whole issue is rather stupid but I think that there are some major communication issues involved...but in today's world, litigation is just about the only option we have. The issue is that I can prove a trail of deception so I'm really not worried about the case...the problem is that it's the time that it's costed me.

On top of all of that...I'm receiving anywhere from 300-1000 SPAM emails a day. For some reason, my email must of gotten either sold or picked up from somewhere. The filters that we have also filters everything else too. So if you haven't gotten a return email from me...write me again. I either lost it in the quagmire of my email reader or it got filtered or lost in the great black hole of cyber space.

RANT OVER!!!'s the beads. What you are seeing below is from a new series called 'Pendletons.'
Textiles and fabric have long been an inspiration to my bead making and my jewelry designs. (I love fabric...I even used to sew...along time ago before glass over took my life)

One of the kewlest histories and some of the most lovely patterns come from Pendleton Woolen Mill. The legendary native blanket series have been used for warmth but also for ceremonial uses and in tribal councils. The color schemes in this series come from the blankets. I guess I still miss Texas and some of it's cultural diversity.

By looking into the past, we find our futures.

Well that's it for me.
I will be uploading these beady sets and about 20 more sometime soon on Etsy.
Have a happy, creative day!!!