New Lampwork Series...the beady news...what's up with me...

I've been working on the torch, almost non-stop the last week or so. That's why I haven't been chatty here. I haven't been chatty anywhere and haven't even cleaned house for over a week now. Geez, it seems like I've been driven to make beads.

The below is a limited series of about a dozen's called Faience. These are all freeformed beads, have been flatten and will wear well on a wrist. They are highly detailed with dots, color blocks, enamels, stringers, twisties, and various other surface decoration. Each strand takes a while to torch because of the amount of detail. These are for the jewelry designer that wants to add something a bit unique to their art jewelry pieces.

These are what I've been workin' on...I've a got a handful more to photograph. These will be posted on Etsy within the next couple of days.
I've also been working on the Dish series and am about done. I will do more sets, much later, in this series. They are great to colors to design jewelry with and work will with natural stones. The Dish series is just one of those that I can't seem to give up. I'm currently working on more Steampunk strands and am going to re-visit a series called Heavy Metals.
I've had lots of requests for smaller sets for earrings and focal or bracelet strands. I've been working on those too. I'm finding that everyone is gearing up for the holiday season so I've been kinda glued to the torch. Which is great except I don't get the beads cleaned quick enough. :-) Ah...if you are thinking about what to give me for my birthday (the big 50)...send me a studio elf for the day. :-)
Things to do...beads to clean!!!!
Have a happy, creative day!