More Lampwork Beads

I've been cleaning beads from the 'great bead bowl'. Actually, it's a rather large pile. Why is it that I love making beads but the final step before they are ready to be sent off to their new homes, I hate. I think it had to do with the dremel I'm using. It's one of those high powered jobbies and has a flex cord. It runs so fast that it really doesn't bother me but the noise does. There's just something about it that I dread.

Anyway...there's four sets that I recently made. I was surprised when I pulled them from the kiln, I really liked them. Yeah, you know me...I prefer to mixed lampwork and gemstones together. These sets are right in line with those type of designs.
I used a huge amount of fine silver in these sets. As always, I'm looking for an organic favor. :-) I kept the sets kinda small, just the right size for a bracelet, focal, and earrings or accent beads.
I will be posting these up on Etsy in a bit.

I've been trying to post things on Etsy on a daily routine. What that's done is to get me to get off my backside and get beads cleaned. Then photographed. Well, it's worked in that area...but, now it's time I did major torch work. I prefer to be on the torch for 8-10 hours instead of splicing up my schedule. After that, I'm beat. So I think it's time I figured out some sort weekly schedule. I'm pondering on this.
Since my 'new' studio is at home now and in the garage. I've been moving my torch hours because of the heat. I've got 3 kilns to I can do that...but damn folks, when I have 2 kilns up and running plus the's gets HOT in there. The garage is ACed plus the kilns and torch has ventilation but still, that a lot of heat. So that tells me that either I move the studio out of the house or I've got to figure something out before next summer.
Off I to get my day started....
Have a wonderful weekend!