More Beads...Dish Series

Here's a new series that I've been working on. I've still got two more sets to photograph...that's if we ever get any sunshine anytime soon. I think Mother Nature has decided that we need thunderstorms.

Bead Set 1...Barrels average 12.75mm hole to hole by 15mm....$30
Bead Set 2...Barrels average 12.75mm hole to hole by 15.5mm...$30.
Bead Set 3...Barrels average 9.5mm hole to hole by 14.75mm...large hole bead measures 8.5mm by 25.25mm...$41.
Bead Set 4...Barrels average 10mm hole to hole by 14mm...$41.

So that's it for now...I'm in the middle of another series, except that this one will be limited.

In the next couple of days, I hopefully will upload many sets of beads. It's different living here in Danville. In Austin, we have slammin' download and upload speeds. We don't might be a year or more until we something even close to those speeds. I just gets to me that this area just don't have the tech. Anyway, it's taking more time that I'm used to.

Have a happy, creative day!