Dish Series...Lampwork Beads

I've been busy testing new glass!!! I'm been a bit short on my typical odd lots, which I must be addicted to, I went shopping. What's sad is that what I used to pay $12-16 a pound for, has gone up to $44 a pound. Some the really fun stuff is running $17.00 for a 1/4th of a pound...that isn't silvered glass either. That doesn't include all the extra shipping, the increases in bead release, and all the other misc costs in making beads. I'm pretty sure that artisan lampwork is going to do what silver has done in the last couple of years. It's only a matter of time until I have to raise my prices as well. Where is this going to end?

A lot of folks have moved to copper over silver. Me, I don't know. I like the hue copper with some things but I'm a silver person really. I also like stainless steel too. I've come to the point that I wear a lot of stainless earrings because silver gives me the itches.

OK...enough of my whining...If anyone has any good ideas of where all this is going to stop...please drop me a note. :-)

I've also finished up with the last (for a long while) of my Dish series beads. Where as I do like to make them, I don't want to make any more for a while. I think I kinda OD'ed on them. It's kinda like Thanksgiving turkey, there's just so much turkey one can consume before they start sprouting feathers and gobbling.

Below...set 93...11 beads for $43...average 9mm by 13.5mm

Below…set 94…10 beads for $40…average 9.75mm by 15mm
Below…set 99…7 beads for $30…average 10.5mm by 14.5mm

Below…set 100…10 beads for $34…average 11.75mm by 15.5mm

Below…set 101…7 beads for $30…average 11.25mm by 14.75mm

Below…set 102…8 beads for $35…average 11.75mm by 16.5mm and cone measures 32.5mm by 15.75mm (at it's widest)

Below…set 103…8 beads for $34…average 10.75mm by 15.25mm

Below…set 104…7 beads for $30…average 10.75mm by 14.25mm

I'm in the process of cleaning a MOUND of beads. Hopefully, I will have more pictures soon. I'm also starting a new's a big one. I've decided to work on some ethnic designs. More later on that subject. :-)

Have a happy, creative day!!!