Curmudgeons Series...Lampwork Beads...Anytimes

While waiting on several of my glass orders…I’ve been racking my brain to come up with beads that are colorful, plus have a unique yet wearable design, and that designers enjoy working with. Plus beads that I enjoy making too. I think I’ve come up with a new long term series (like my Dish series)….Curmudgeons.

The lampwork beads are in a rondel shape and have a ‘nothing matches’ favor. They mix with both natural stones and metals. Plus they add COLOR to jewelry designs without being overpowering…each bead being a piece of the entire story. I use a treasure trove of different colors of glass…lots a reactive and odd lots…then add frits, twisties, and a dash of metals. All for visual drama.

This flow of Curmudgeons is called “Anytimes.” The hues are season-less…there’s something for everyone at anytime of the year.

I won't repeat any of the color schemes of the's kinda like, what you see is what I have. I will be repeating this design in the future though. Also, for those that like etched beads...yeah, these would look wonderful etched.

The Anytimes will be posted onEtsy something today...I have a total of 18 sets in this color scheme. I guess I better get busy. :-)

On a personal note...thanks everyone for all your Birthday greetings!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!