Busy, Busy, Busy...Picking out Carpet...Torch Time

I've been in the middle of gearing up for winter...I guess it's the nesting in attitude I have about winter. So it's arranging for the subfloors to be sealed and picking out new carpet. I didn't realize I had so many choices...what I wanted was bright gold carpet. What I found was more muted tones...that are OK but not my first choice. I looks like I will be picking a muted tone. We looked everywhere for a bright gold that I had in mind. I couldn't fine it. Oh well...

Ya know, since we have to move all the furniture downstairs...I am so glad we didn't buy the family room furniture yet. I am so glad that we had the house painted before we moved in. That's less time that the house looks like a work in process. (Plus the smell. ) Less time that I have people in and out of the house.

Yesterday, we also had to pick up all the odds and ends that goes with a fireplace. Lots of interesting doo-dads. The next thing is calling the chimney folks...they have already been here once to do the cleaning and quote thang. Now we have to finish up the a repair. The tuck pointing needs to be cleaned up and a small repair to the crown.

Every once in a while I revisit an old style of bead design...the above is an example of that. I just updated the colors and added some encasement to it. I think they turned out well. I think I will make a few more next week...while I'm waiting on order of glass.
The above is currently up on Etsy...they are part of my Pendletons series.
Ditto for the above set too.

I've still got a huge number of bead sets to post on Etsy...I just haven't been in the mood to do so. I also haven't had the time. I will just have to take the time because I'm running out of room on my desk. The cats are beginning to fight for space on my desk. I have a large L-shaped desk the butts up to a large window. The cats love the space, so we share. That's unless my beads take up the area. Then I start getting the 'look' from Mouse and Nox when they don't get enough room to stretch out. Sugie could care less...she normally sleeps until noon then voices her complaints that she didn't get breakfast. She has me well trained.

OK...my day begins...I'm off to the airport, some shopping to do, and gotta go to the grocery. After all of that...then I get to go to the torch.

Oh...yeah...Saturday, I got Brisingr, by Christopher Paolini, from Amazon. Of course it's an audio book...I can't wait to start it. The last week or so, I re-listened to Eragon and Eldest. So I'm ready for some listening pleasure while at the torch!!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!