New Lampwork...working on my photos!

As many of you know, (those that have listened to my whine), photography is one of my greatest challenges. So I just take the pics outside. It seems to be the best lighting that shows the truest colors. Now, I've decided that I might need even more improvement. It was always sunny in's not here.

Yeah, I've got the lights and EZ cube...even an underlight thingie. The issue is I really don't know how to work my camera. So, I'm looking for a digital photography class so if anyone knows of one here in my local area, give me a shout.

The above is a design change for me. These are smaller, flatter sprees that are highly detailed but work well in bracelet designs. I've been working on mostly bracelet beads here lately.

Anyway...this is a drive by post...I'm working on a new series. Well, maybe...that's if these test beads turn out well. If not, back to the drawing board. BTW, I like series. It gives me a chance to put an idea to the limit. Anybody else feel like that?

Have a happy, creative day!