Hello...I'm still unpacking

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while...it's been rather busy plus a few set backs like no Internet connection and reading literally thousands of emails. I did use my delete key a lot because of the amount of spam. Geez, does the world revolve around spam????

Anyway, we are about 90 percent moved in. The electrician has been by to install three dedicated outlets for the kilns. I've still got all the glass to unpack...plus the frits...plus all the other glass stuff that I use. The ventilation is up and kilns are unpacked. That's it for the glass area. I haven't even started on the metalsmithing area yet. I will get to it soon.

The bead room is just about put up. I've got another day or so in there. It's my dinning room. I decided on that room instead of a spare bedroom or the sunroom or the family room. The layout of the room was perfect for what I needed. So now we have lots of extra space. Anyway, enough about my unpacking adventures. I'll tell ya more later.

One of the major things I miss about Austin is SUNSHINE!!! It's been so grey and rainy here so Bob decided that I needed a break so we went to Oliver Winery for some wine tasting and a walk around the grounds. The wine is primo and the grounds are lovely. The below pictures don't even do it justice. There's also a lake that has some of the largest koi that I've ever seen. Some of them have to be over a foot long.

As you walk in to the wine shop, this frog greets you...
In the 1980's, the winery added stone sculpture from the local quarries.
Here's another start of a waterfall...
This one is kewler than kewl in person...
This is a small grotto...there's several on the grounds. I just happened to like this one.
More big stones... There are lots of flowers here and there by the stones...these are lovely tiger lilies.
Here's another stone tower...just one of many on the grounds.
More flowers...

And more flowers...
And even more flowers...
These were some of the most unusual shade of pinks that caught my eye. I don't think that I've ever seen pink lilies like these.

That's it for today. I've got to get back to unpacking. I'm hoping that it will end soon...it has to, I'm running out of boxes. :-)
Have a happy, creative day!