On the Road Again!

The movers are due tomorrow morning...I sure hope they get packed quick. It's hotter than hell right now. Normal temps are around 87-90 degrees, yesterday and today it's hovering around 99 degrees in the shade.

The studio is packed and clean. I'm still working on the house. Yeah, I know...last minute...but I really don't like house camping that much. There's not much to look at except cardboard. The below is a pic of a corner in the living room.

Here's the middle of the living room. Lovely isn't it. :-)
Ok...see below...those large white topped totes. The are filled full of fabric. After we move, I'm taking some time to sew. It's a hobby and I enjoy it so I'm making time for it. This move has put a few things up front and in view for me. I'll be 50 this year and I ain't now spring chicken. So it's time that I picked up a few old lady type hobbies. I've decided on sewing/quilting, silk painting, reading, and causing general mayhem with the local Republicans. :-) Yeah...don't mess with Texas! I'm joking...please don't send nasty emails. All joking aside, I used to be very active in various nonprofit organizations. Mostly animal and women's rights with several pet projects dealing with the local recycling programs. I've missed that facet of life since I've been in Texas. So it's back to my ol'ways but with a Texan attitude. :-)
Here's Nox looking like the King of the Cardboard pile. He's been exploring...and knocking down boxes. He's in his element.
Here he is again...he's a thinkin'...can I make that jump....mmmm, what will Mommy do to me if I do. He made it and I had to fetch him. :-)
I'll be off line in a few minutes and we won't be back up for about a week. So if anyone really needs me, call me.

Other than that, I'll be back blogging with pictures.

That's it for me...I've got to finish packing the kitchen and the bath room.

Happy Trails...who sang that?