Lampwork for ME!

Last week, I took some torch time for me. I had some ideas that I wanted to see if I could make. I also had some jewelry design ideas that I needed beads for.

Anyway...I got playing around with reactive glasses that I also silver fumed. The below is a close up of a focal. Isn't it kewl. I wanted an organic flavor that would go with natural stone and metals.

Here's the rest of the focals...
I've been wanted to use metal clay on lampwork but just hadn't had the physical room in the studio. So I made several focals so that when I get unpacked, I can.
How this process works is that, first I make the lampwork focals. Since the metal art clay is actually fine silver, I used either silver-laden glasses or glass that I've fumed. If not, the clay will discolor the glass. The next step is to apply the metal art clay, then it goes back in to the kiln...that's why I only use certain shapes for the focals. If not, the bead will slump because I have to take the glass to 1200 degrees to burn out the clay particles. That's leaves only the fine silver that is part of the overall focal design. At 1200 degrees, it's just at the fine edge of the melting point of glass.

Anyway, I pull those beady dudes from the kiln...then the fine silver is then cleaned and polished. Then it's ready for jewelry designs. There's a few more steps but you get the point.
Here's some earring pairs...I love making earrings. It's one of my favorite part of jewelry design.
I had an idea to mix bronzite, olive jade, turquoise, carnelian, ocean jasper, pomegranate garnet, and yellow jade so I needed some raku beady dudes. I made enough that I could also mix up an amber and turquoise necklace with these beady dudes.
This was a color experiment that I thought I'd keep.
These will be made into a bracelet...
The below was a shape experiment that you will see more of. The are flatties that I've also pressed so that the bead curves in the middle...they are kinda bent in half, slightly. What they are designed for is wire work. So that I can add mini sterling charms on top of the bead.
Here's some of my favorite type of beads to work with, both in the flame and in jewelry designs.
More of the same color combo. There's something about the 96 COE glasses that have the rich hues to them, that I like working with. I drew out the designs and the stones I wanted to use with these beads. Now hopefully I won't lose them in the move. :-)
More earring pairs...
Even more earring pairs...I'm getting ready for an earring making frenzy. :-)
These are also earring pairs but were made on 1/8th mandrels. I have a design that needs the larger hole because the wire strands I need to use.

Well that's it for today's eye candy.
I've got to take the kitties in to see the vet. We need some kitty downers for the move. There is no way that these pampered furballs are going to enjoy a 1100 mile road trip. So for all our mental health, they are going to be sleepy kitties. :-)
But Sugie is an old, toothless cat that needs a check up before we sedate her. When we made the move down here, the Vet over medicated here. Geez, she really didn't wake up for the two days of travel. Plus the other two have picked up a bit of weigh, so a check up is in order for them too. They just LOVE seeing Dr. Tracy. (not really, I'm being a smart ass)
Have a happy, creative day...I'm off to catch some cats. Geez, now I'm chief cat herder.