I'm Back Again...

Mmmmm…a double post in a single day. Ok…here’s what’s happenin’. I just got three emails that pertain to today’s first blog post. When it rains, it pours around here. I didn’t know that anyone really reads my blog…so thank you! I logically know that many do...but I'm amazed everytime.

First…You mean that someone stole your idea and published it?
Second…I would appreciate you taking down that picture, it’s my original idea.
Third… Can I buy that?

Well, the answer to all three emails were ‘No’. In the last decade, the ‘No’ word comes out of my mouth more and more often.

The third question would have been a ‘Yes’ but I’ve already packed my shipping area. So that was more of an “I’m sorry but I can’t” answer. Sorry again Sara.

Anyway…heres’ my opinions:

1) All artists are at the mercy to their raw materials.
2) Raw materials, such as metals like wire, only work up into a limited number of designs. For example, wire is bent or is straight. It can be fancied up and say, I coiled it…but that is still a form of bending.
3) It’s a really big world out there and human beings all share certain thought/creative juices. So just because you or I thought of it…doesn’t mean someone else hasn’t. That’s the nature of how our minds work. Each one of us would like to think that we are unique, we are but we aren’t totally unique. That’s what makes us part of the human course of history. (mmmm…take a look at 16-17th century jewelry…add a little here and there…it’s about the same as it is now)
4) That all creative energy, no matter what the source, has an innate application and causal link to natural law. You can bend it but you can’t break it nor destroy it. That creation is the flip side to destruction and vice a versa. Like have ya ever heard of gravity?
5) We don’t have to agree on anything…we all have opinions. That’s what makes us human and hopefully, intelligent life forms.
6) If you put an image on the internet, be ready to share it with the world.
7) There is a very fine line between unique and weird. I some how would like to figure out how to surf the fine edge.

I’m off to work on the studio packing…

Again, have a happy, creative day!