What I've been doing...

What have I been doing...well it's more lampwork beads. The kiln fairy has been treating me pretty well. The below are some radically kewl colors. They just seemed to flow together. The base hue is a reddish violet. It sets off the blues and violets. Of course, these are 96 COE...I've never been able to find these hues in 104.

The below is a mix of blues and greens...tropical cool mix hues.
The below is a raku neutral strand. I like these because they seem to pair up well with gemstones and metals...yet these are interesting to stand-alone too.
The above is already up on Etsy...the other two will go up sometime today. Each strand is $38.00.
Today, I'm going to the studio to make some 'everyday' beads. These are the beady dudes that aren't encased that I don't have to spend huge amounts of time on each bead. I think I will stay in COE 96 glass though. I've got some very kewl reds and ginger colors that again, I can't get in COE 104 glasses.
Off to start my day! Have a happy, creative one yourself!