Sneak Peek...Focal Sale. New Lampwork...Leaded Crystal Clear

Howdy Everyone!

Below is a sneak peek at some of the focals that I will have up on Etsy. I've got so many packages (3 focals) of these, that I will post some everyday. Today's is below. The prices will be 3/$20 to 3/$24, depending on how much silvered glass in within the focals. (with silver laden glass, the focals look much better in hand than in pictures)

Here's some more "Zen" beads...yep, I'm still stressed. :-) These did turn out well. The red is a pure hue's a bit of a PITA to keep is all the same color. The flame will turn the glass different hues, depending on where I put it in the flame. That's what happens with odd lots sometimes and sometimes, it's just the nature of the glass. This one happens to be a German 104 COE odd lots that I got my paws on. I was lucky enough to get a pound of it. Another one of my stash finds.
Again, another "Zen" set...the base color is an odd lot German 104 COE glass, it's an odd hued of green. Actually, the green is lovely.'s what I was talking about yesterday....the leaded crystal clear from Kugler. It's a 96 COE and all the color within the glass is deeply pigmented. I've layer the colors so that each bead is unique and has a great deal of depth. The colors that are available in 96 COE are totally different than 104 COE glasses. They are also richer and more intense. They are also a pain in the ass to work with sometimes too. They will burn, pit, and boil so much easier than most other glasses too. I normally work hot and quick...with this glass, I have to work very cool and slow. So each bead take much longer to make, they are a bit heavier, and the expense of each bead is higher too.

The glass is much more expensive...BUT all in all, it's worth it. These are they type of beads that I normally keep for myself. To see the detail within each bead, click on the picture to enlarge it. BTW, the glass is much like lead crystal you would find in crystals, prisms, or drinking goblets. It is optical clear and just sparkles in the sunlight. Can you tell that I am totally impressed by this glass. :-)
The above lampwork bead set has a 'Robin's Nest' color combo. The brown is a rich chocolate hue. The turquoise blue is rich, deep blue. The below set are in rich hues of deep petal pink, steel blue, a true olive green, and an opal yellow. Both sets are in a barrel shape, another bead style that I prefer working with in my jewelry designs.

I'll post both of the above sets sometime next week in my Etsy shop. The other sets will be listed today.
This week, I will be working in 96 in the next couple weeks, you will be seeing some unusual beads in different colors that the norm.'s time for me to get busy!
Have a happy, creative day!