Painters and the waiting game...more lampwork beady dudes too!

It's been another frustrating day, waiting for the final quotes for painting to get done. We had one painter contact us, to let us know the price but he couldn't start until late June because he was going on vacation. Just now, we are trying to get another person in the house for another quote. This buying a house cross country and trying to wrap up the details, is a PITA. If we can get the painter wrapped up, that the last of the details and then we can finish up with the actual moving organization. Then it comes the final packing. That's really it.

Well, that's the moving to the 'good' stuff, beads. :-) The below is made from the Kuglar crystal clear. They are lovely beads...with one of the best hues of olive that I have. Anyway, I liked them so much that I made 4 mini sets. Two are already posted on Etsy.
The below were made on 1/8th sized mandrels. Great for necklaces, which you see but they are also great for earrings too.
Here's a set that were made on my normal sized mandrels. These are petite beady babes.
These turned out well, in my humble opinion. There's great veining and the encasements pop the colors up.
Makes me think of spring flowers...
I've been working on lots and lots of encasements. It's jewelry making season for a lot of folks and I've been getting requests for them. Geez, I like them too. I think they are one of the best for wire and they make up into lovely bracelets. I guess what I like about these types of beads the most is that they go so well with gemstones. The problem that I've had mixing lampwork, glass, and gemstones is that takes a huge inventory of accents beads. It's hard to match shades. That's where these beads come in handy. They seem to pull designs together.

It was a long day in the studio yesterday. I worked until my kiln couldn't hold anymore beads. I normally work no longer than 8-10 hours at the torch. Yesterday was some what longer. Today will be the same. It's perfect beadmaking weather here in Austin, which doesn't happen too often. So I'm of to see what the kiln fairy brought me.

Have a happy, creative day!