New idea.

(above) This is an earthy yet shinny beady set that I’ve made on 1/8th mandrels except for the focal. I use the 1/8th sized mandrel to make beads that I intend for chain, ribbon, multi stranded necklaces, and earrings. They also work wonderful for Greek cord and fiber too. The beads have a metallic sheen, the trademark of American silver laden glass. This set turned out totally fab, I was very pleased when I opened the kiln.
(above) This one is a does look much better in person! The ball chain is stainless steel with a light oxidation. It’s adjustable by clipping it down to the size you want. I’ve included over 30 inches so that you can decide yourself just how long you want it.
Can ya tell I really like this new stainless ball chain.
The above is a set that I made from raku. Again, more stainless ball chain. I will be packing the ball chain up for the move but I though I'd at least do a couple of sets. All these sets are the beginning (rough drafts) of a new jewelry line that I will be doing after I move. All of them will be up on Etsy (either now or sometime today).

BTW, I will be doing a focal sale next week so be sure to stop in at my Etsy stop.

Have a happy, creative day!