New Lampwork and moving update...Sayonara

FINALLY! We have a moving date...well kinda. The movers will be here sometime between June 11 to 14th. The painters start on June 2nd, so that will be taken care of before we move. Yeah! So now, it's hard core packing.

It's also sayonara for my Etsy shop for a while. I will be uploading the rest of my beads, that I've taken pictures of, in the next couple of days. Then I will send a Newsletter out to everyone. I will then be closing down on June 2nd and will not re-open until late July. I'm taking some time off to organized my studios plus visit with family and friends.

I will be in communication via email and by phone. So, even though I won't be around...I won't be wondering lost in the world. :-) I just want to take some time off, I really haven't taken anymore than a week off for over three it's time that I treated myself. Life is too short not to.

Here's a preview of what I got pictures of...the above, yeah, its a kewl strand of brights and barrels, all in 96 COE.
The above and below is a new idea that I had. I really like the mix of colors on the beads. They will make up into some slammin' bracelets. The below is some my my typical doty beads with a splat of color.
The below a fun bead strand that includes a couple accent beads, a focal, and bracelet beads. The color combo is from a vintage table cloth that I use on picnics.
The below just screams fun...easy to wear...easy to work with beads.
Stoneware revisited...
Here's another set of stoneware....
Now that's it for today. I'm off to package up all my orders and get cracking on Etsy.
Have a happy, creative day!