More Lampwork...with update

The last couple of days, I’ve been on the ‘early to rise’ schedule. Why?, you ask. Well, my hubby decided we needed more room to put boxes. So I no longer have either living room or family room furniture. My choices are to hang out in the studio, sit in the dinning room, office, or sleep. So I’ve been working on the torch about non-stop, except when I sleep. He did decide to leave the bedroom alone…I think it had to do with my penetrating glare.

These have been what I've been working on...
I've added some raku to the mix...again, these beady dudes look much better in person than in the pictures.
I'll put these up on Etsy sometime next week.
The house is pretty much packed except for the kitchen and what we need to live. I’m beginning to feel like I’m camping. Next week, I actually will start the final packing stage in the studio. I’ve been putting this off. I really don’t want to do this. So today will be my last full day on the torch.

We are STILL waiting on a quote from two different painters. Once that is done, we can do the final scheduling with the movers. We close on Friday, so that is taken care of. We don't have possession for 10 days after that. So the move is looking like it will be sometime mid-June. It’s getting close but this is kinda the worst part. Two years ago, we moved cross town…that was nothing. There isn’t the scheduling issues involved.

I keep telling myself, it will get better and I know it will. Everything will be back to normal sometime in July. That’s also why I’ve decided to close my Etsy shop during the move and not open it up until late July.

OK...I better get moving, I've got a kiln full of beads and I want to spend my LAST day on the torch productively. Geez, I feel like I've already having withdraw pains.

Have a happy, creative day!