More Lampwork...Update

Whoo-whoo! We close today on the house...actually, we had to sign a power of attorney to our broker to go to closing for us. Anyway, we then get possession in 10 days...then the painters and carpet folks do their thang. We FINALLY got a decent quote regarding painting and the painters will be there starting June 2nd. They are supposed to be finished by June 9th.

I've had a couple folks asked me why the painting is such a big deal. Well, the place looks like a cave. The folks before us decided they really liked dark colors. I don't...Indy has so many grey dreary days, that I prefer the light and bright decor. Here, in Austin, it is rarely grey. Even on cloudy days, it's still bright.

Also the previous owners painted the some odd drab hues. This is where I'm very traditional. I like white ceilings because it bounces the light though the room.

Why didn't we do it ourselves? Bob and I are busy...he travels and has very little time off. Me, I work 60-80 hours a week too. So when we are off, we do things together...not work on the house.

Enough moving's the BEADS!

I did three mini sets of these beady babies....done in Kuglar leaded crystal kewl colors.
These will be the last of these sets for a while, the ones in Kuglar. I'm packing it this weekend.
I am going to hit the torch today...I need a bit a melting glass time.

Once the movers give us the date...I'll also be letting everyone know when I'm closing my Etsy Store. It will be closed for a couple of months.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!