More Lampwork...More Zen Beads

Here lately, I've been kinda stressed with the house and getting ready for a move. So I started making my "Zen" beads. I sit down and just make beads for the pure pleasure of watching glass melt. There is a rhythm to the turning of the mandrel, the hiss of the flame, and the Zen of slow moving liquid glass.
More Zen beads...this time with even more color....
This wasn't really a Zen set...This whole color combo isn’t my usual; it actually was an accident. I pulled the wrong colors of glass out of my stash…the colors aren’t the same when I have my lampworking goggles on.

This happens to be one of my favorite beady sets that I’ve made in a long time. It has the warm yet calm hues of the plum family, plus enough visual drama to keep my attention. I like the wet blending of the colors, how they seem to play off each other in the light.

The below is another Zen set but in more of an unique color combo. This brown is hard for me to work with for some reason...but they turned out lovely.
Now for the good news...I said yesterday that I will be having a focal sale soon. I've got all the pictures done and will start posting them sometime next week. I've grouped them in threes...and the price will be 3 for $20. Since you really don't get to pick and choose...I kept the price low enough that it will be like buying one focal and getting 2 free.

Now for the BAD news...the cost of glass has sky rocketed. Most odd lots were around $16 when I started lampworking...then they moved slowly to $24 a they are $42 a pound. Also most of the 104 COE glasses that I use are the handpulled or odd lots. I like the uniqueness of the's just my personal choice also for the beads I use in jewelry designing too. Plus Kugler has really upped it's prices. It's my glass of choice when it comes to 96 COE glasses. My last batch of leaded crystal clear has been used and I had to order more...that when the reality button got pushed. So I will be raising my price per bead as I bring in more glass. seems to be a sign of the times.

Now for more good news...I just pulled two sets from the kiln. I will have pics soon. They were made from Kugler leaded crystal clear. The clear, even in rod from, will make rainbows if you take it to the light. It's the type of clear glass you will find in prisms or in crystals. It's not harder to work with but it is more time consuming because I have to work it so cool. If not, it grey up on me. I normally work very hot and with high O2. Now I have to work very high in the flame, were it is much cooler and doesn't melt as quickly. It's well worth the work and the cost of the glass...the beads are simply lovely. So you will be seeing these strands popping up pretty soon from me.

I also want to thank all you folks that visited my Etsy store yesterday. If anyone was interested in my new designs, that I posted yesterday...sorry, they are already gone. I haven't been sending out my newsletter for new bead alerts because the beady dudes aren't staying up long enough. It seems that soon as I post them on Etsy, they get grabbed up. So If anyone sees something that they have to have on the blog, contact me ASAP and before they get on Etsy. to the PO...and out to the studio...lots to do...I'm spending the entire day on the torch!!!!

Have a happy, creative day!