More Focals...Christmas Nightmares

Well, more beads...isn't the story of this blog...well, I'm going to insert a bit of a happening of my life in here. I do that every once in a while...don't worry, it's not one a my rare rants. I think I must be stressed. I had this very odd dream and can remember each detail solidly. That’s a bad omen. Normally I just dream of colors, in one form or another. That’s odd too.

Anyway, it was like out of a movie and I was having a bit of a tiff with the Neighborhood Association. Once vivid scene was me sitting in a meeting while the association was discussing Christmas decoration. For pity sake, it’s not even July yet and I’m having nightmares about Christmas. Anyway, the association told the gathered people from the neighborhood that everyone had to have a X-mas tree in their front yard and it had to be decorated uniquely.

Now this is were it gets a bit odd…

The next scene is me digging a hole in the front yard and planting a huge stick out in the ground. I then paint this sign that says, “FAUX CHRISTMAS TREE’”. Hang the sign on the stick…then paint another sign that says, “The Neighborhood Association Made Me Do This.” In itty bitty letters, “Merry Fucking Christmas.”

The next scene is the President of the NA coming over to talk to me. The reason why I could tell that she was the Pres because she wore this sign that said, “I am the President of the Neighborhood Association, deal with it.” Plus she had this odd Doberman Pincher face and was wearing a green pointed hat. I think it looked like it was felt. Plus these 70’s style red and white striped toe socks. (I’m sure glad that the fashion police don’t come visit me in my dreams.)

Anyway, the dream goes on and on….getting weirder and weirder. I don't do Christmas...I haven't since I worked in a ER of a major trauma hospital. Actually I really don't like's just not one of those holidays that does it for me. Give me Halloween/Samhain or any spring day, and I'm a happy camper.

Now I know why Bob was totally against moving into any neighborhood that has a NA. He just kept on telling me that he didn’t want to come home to a “Hatfield & McCoy” type war. I just kept looking at him, rolling me eyes, and har-haring about it. Ya know, after this dream…I now understand what he was talking about. I do have a habit of mouthing off and have occasional bouts of juvenile behavior. It's rare, but I do it with gusto. :-)

Now for the beady dudes...the above turned out lovely. These are brilliant blue for some reason. (which translate, that I can't figure out how I did this) The picture is pretty much shows true color from what I have in my hand. Since they are encased they do look much better in person. The patina islands just seem to float on the water of time.

These are not encased with leaded crystal clear so they are of normal weight. I used one of my faux boro frits that I made to give the beads an otherworld type favor. I liked them so well, I made me a set too.
The above and below are what I will be posting today. Both sets are from my Focal Sale. I'm thinking about keeping this up for a while. Geez, it's not like I don't have a huge amount of focals or anything. I just keep making them.'s off to the studio for me...I've got lots to make. Maybe, just maybe, I think I will make me a set of beads. I've got an idea regarding a bracelet but I can't remember if I packed the color of glass that I need or not. If not...I'll make more encasements. That's were my creative juices seem to be flowing to.

Have a happy, creative day!