Accent Beads...New Lampwork

I'm just about done with accent lampwork. I wanted to get a bunch done, more because I like them. They are the most diverse beads that I make. It's the color blending that I like so much and they work so well with natural stones.

The above and below is a custom actually looks like abalone shell. I can picture these in some very kewl art jewelry.

Ok...I'm really not too chatty today. Got lots to do and though ya might like a bit of eye candy. Today, I'm back on the torch. I really don't have too many days left before I have to pack up the rest of the studio. So I'm spending every spare minute there. :-) I'm also waiting on another quote from painters...not only will it tell us when to do the final scheduling, it will tell me when I have to close my Etsy shop. I don't think that I will re-open it until my entire studio is up and running. I'm looking at maybe late July right now. A lot depends on just how much I can get done. I've also had a few calls for trunk, not beads. I just love doing these and there's only so much time in a day. So I might put off Etsy for longer. Who knows, things just might go smoother than I'm predicting.
Have a happy, creative day!