More Lampwork Beads...Robin's Nest

I've been at it again...more beads. These sets are called Robin's nest.
My studio is nestled in a grove of trees and the birds have a festival every morning. There’s blue jays, woodpeckers, doves, and even a hawk or two. In the evening, just about vesper, I see Mama owl come out with her family. A new family moved in a couple of months ago, a robin. She recently set up a nest in one of the oak trees, right outside my window.

The base beads have been encased and then surface decoration applied. Which makes the beads very visually dramatic with a lovely sense of color balance.
Both sets will be up on Etsy today. I've got lots and lots new new sets going up. I've been at the torch as much as I can before I pack it up. Bob has already started to pack up all the rock and most the the displays.

OK...back to work with me....

Have a happy, creative day!